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Retin-a is a wonder drug for many acne sufferers and people with troubled skin such as roughness, fine lines and scars.
You can buy Retin-a with confidence but it must be used sensibly and follow your doctor’s instructions.

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Retin-a is the best known brand name of the drug Tretinoin Tretinoin is one of the few anti aging drugs on the market today known to work *.Proven to reduce symptons of acne, fine lines , wrinkles and skin spots, it is also used for several other skin diseases such as Hyperkeratosis.
Retin-a is the strongest formula of tretinoin on the market.
This product is so strong and effective that you should know before you buy retin-a, the following information:

Things to know before You Buy Retina-A.

  • Use strictly as directed by product literature.
  • Retin-a or tretinoin is a derivative of vitamin A and works by regenerating rapid new cell growth.Thus your skin goes through a continual process of peeling.This peeling makes your skin photosensitive Your skin becomes sensitive to the sun and need care to protect it from sunlight.. In otherwise your skin will age even more rather than less.

  • Always use the medication at night.
  • Limit your exposure to sunlight in the middle of the day and make sure you use plenty of suncream.

  • Because of it’s strength, do not overuse Retin-a.
  • Only use at night and don’t double dose trying to accelerate progress.Overuse can be harmful.Let the product do it’s job.

  • If using for the treatment of acne, your skin may initially get worse.
  • ..But be patient! This is the product working and cleansing your skin of the impurities that are already there and that need to come out.If no improvement is seen after 2 months, then see your doctor.
    For treatment for anti aging and sunspots, it may take longer to see improved results, though the skin should start to feel smoother after 1 month

  • When washing your skin, do not use hard soaps or any abrasive cream.
  • Remember your skin is now more delicate than ever.Refrain from using any alcoholic or acidic soaps, creams and lotions on your treated areas.

Precautions of using Retin-A

The effect of Retina-a on pregnancy and breast feeding is uncertain.
No official controlled studies have been taken on human pregancies though animal studies done suggest an association with fetus abnormalities for high doses of both topical and oral tretinoin has been designated with Category C by the FDA, which means that in some circumstances the benefit of tretinoin may outweigh the risk but this must be ascertained by your doctor.
Apply only to treatment areas and with a cotton swab or something similar.Best to avoid contact with the fingers as prolonged use may result in your fingers peeling. for the same reason avoid contact with the eyes, and other sensitive areas.
A little of retin-a goes a long way so only apply small amounts each application.