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Ester C® Buffered Vitamin C

Ester C? Mineral Ascorbates

In an industry that thrives on breakthrough products and unique nutrients, Ester-C? Mineral Ascorbates have maintained a position as the number one choice of branded vitamin C by U.S. retailers for many years.

What is Ester-C and why do health conscious consumers choose it over ordinary vitamin C?

Ester-C was developed in the early 1970s by an Arizona physician who recognized the value of this unique, non-acidic form of vitamin C to health and well-being.

A program of in-depth research into the chemical structure and composition resulted in the issuance of a new product patent (#4,822,816) covering compositions and methods for administering vitamin C.

During the exclusive, water based manufacturing process, it was discovered that some of the vitamin C in Ester-C ascorbate undergoes changes similar to those occurring in the body’s normal metabolism of the vitamin to produce vitamin C metabolites, such as threonate.

Numerous clinical bio-availability and laboratory studies by independent researchers and scientists in the United States have shown that vitamin C metabolites enhance the concentration of vitamin C in the body’s cells. Clinical studies by veterinarians in Europe and the U.S. also have demonstrated that supplemental Ester-C may counter many of the effects of aging, husbandry and stress in dogs and horses.

To explain some of these properties, it initially was theorized that Ester-C contained a conventional ester bond, so the product was named “Ester-C.” Subsequent research into its molecular composition showed that Ester-C is a unique non-acidic complex of mineral ascorbates and vitamin C metabolites with far-reaching nutritional properties. There are no other ingredients on the market containing vitamin C metabolites. InterCal’s trademarks and patents guarantee it.

Why is a unique and patented form of vitamin C important?

Millions of people routinely supplement their diets with vitamins, minerals and herbs, ranging from non-specific multivitamins to nutrients thought to counter the effects of aging, if you suffer from other degenerative conditions, or environmental pollutants you may try to exercise and stress less. Health care professionals and nutritionists readily recognize that by consuming the right amounts of vitamins in correct proportions, people can avoid disease and keep their bodies functioning without health problems.

New research into the actions of vitamin C has sparked a greater understanding of the remarkable health promoting properties and biochemical intricacies of this essential nutrient. In fact, it is now widely recognized that the benefits of vitamin C extend beyond the prevention and treatment of scurvy. Evidence rapidly is accumulating that vitamin C protects against cataracts, battles Alzheimer’s, reduces cardiovascular disease, inhibits the progression of osteoarthritis and reduces the risk of certain types of cancers.

Unfortunately, most consumer surveys indicate that substantial segments of the world’s population still do not get from their diets the Reference Daily Intake (RDI) of many of the vitamins essential for life, notably vitamin C.

The optimal intake of antioxidants like vitamin C may not be achievable by diet alone, particularly in high-risk groups, such as the elderly Thus a vitamin C supplement shown to be safe and demonstrated to have functions beyond its role in the prevention of deficiency diseases is mandatory for a long healthful life. And even beyond the nutritional properties of vitamin C, how much and how it is delivered to the cells of the body is becoming better understood.

Ester-C is a form of vitamin C that has been shown in clinical trials and studies in humans and animals to enhance the uptake of this vital nutrient into cells.

It is the logical choice for consumers looking for the greatest benefit from their supplements.

  • Vitamin C is probably the best known of the nutrients that strengthen the immune system.
  • Vitamin C is essential for the formation and maintenance of collagen.
  • Vitamin C protects tissues from oxidative damage due to tobacco smoke, sunlight, etc.
  • Vitamin C is considered to be the most important antioxidant in the body.
  • Vitamin C at high levels helps regenerate other antioxidants and reduces substances in the body.

What does the future offer?

Recent studies provide strong evidence that vitamin C can protect and even correct damage caused by aging, lifestyles and environmental stress, such as UV radiation and chemical pollutants. Unfortunately, when ordinary vitamin C is formulated into the emulsions typical of most cosmetic products, it rapidly degrades. Thus the benefits of this essential vitamin are lost.

Recently Inter-Cal introduced a breakthrough Ester-C product that will complement the various dietary supplement formulations containing Ester-C ascorbates. This new liquid concentrate, called Ester-C Topical, is superior to ordinary vitamin C in shelf life and stability, and is perfectly suited for cosmeceutical formulations. Ester-C Topical (patents applied for) is non-acidic and contains no chemical derivatives. Studies have shown that it penetrates to the levels of the skin where collagen and other support structures are formed, so that the tone and health of skin are preserved.

Sports nutrition, pet product and dental companies, among others, have begun to recognize the importance of having a form of vitamin C that delivers high levels of this essential vitamin directly to the cells of the body. Ester-C Performance Blend, for example, was developed to support the Ester-C Everest Challenge mountaineering team’s successful bid to reach the summit of the world’s highest mountain. Ester-C Oral Health concentrate soon will be incorporated into toothpastes and gels, as well as other products promoting oral health. Many horses, dogs, cats and other small animals already are benefiting from Ester-C nutritional supplements.