Consulting Services

Do you have a pharmacy-related question? Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable talking about certain issues at the pharmacy counter. We can provide information either by email or telephone. We will be happy to provide general information about prescription medications. More specific questions regarding medications and/or disease management may be answered on a fee basis. Please be assured that this method is 100% confidential and an efficient way to get the information you need from a quality, trusted source.

We offer various types of consultation from basic, free information to more extensive advanced work and the creation and monitoring of a long-term wellness plan.

1. General Health Question on web – $5

Do you have a personal question? Maybe you don’t have time to come talk about it in person, or you feel uncomfortable discussing it face-to-face. Ask a health and natural pharmacy question anytime through email. We promise complete privacy and quick answers. To ask a single health oriented question, click here.

2. Medication review – $35

Do your doses keep going up and your condition keeps getting worse? Are you uncertain about taking nutritional supplements with your medications? Are you taking multiple medications? Do you know which herbs interact with your blood pressure or anticoagulant medications? Click here to take our medication review, and see if there are issues relating to the natural products you are taking. Mixing medications and natural products can be dangerous or at least, ineffective. We know medicine and natural products. Only take natural products when you’ve consulted with your natural pharmacist!

3. Basic Health Evaluation
Quick 20 – phone consult $65

Are you tired of sifting through pages of healthcare information, without knowing which regimen is best for you? We can help, through our quick phone consultation involving a brief health history, medication and diet review. You will be provided with a questionnaire that asks basic health questions. A pharmacist will review your questionnaire, and provide a series of recommendations including nutrition, supplementation and other information via a phone conversation with you. To get started with the basic health evaluation, click here.

5. Wellness Program
Full consult long form on the web: $140

Do you want to have more energy, less stress, and a healthier body, but you’re not sure how? Or maybe traditional medicine can’t give the results you want. Explore your options with our wellness consultation. This is an all-inclusive review designed for people who are interested in improving their overall quality of life, by refining their optimal supplement program and making dietary adjustments to achieve better sleep, more energy and less stress. Click here to access our comprehensive 30-page questionnaire, which looks at your individual needs and nutritional habits. Our team of practitioners will review your questionnaire, and will contact you to set up an appointment for either a phone or in-store consultation based on your individual needs. This very thorough consultation typically lasts for about an hour.