Dosage guidelines – how to take amoxicillin

Dosage guidelines for Amoxicillin

There are some rare reports of teeth discoloration in pediatric patients using amoxicillin. In these cases, regular teeth brushing or dental cleaning eliminates or greatly reduces the discoloration.

Elderly patients may experience decreased kidney functions during prolonged treatments with amoxicillin. Moreover, doctors should assess liver functions periodically during the therapy period. In cases of severe renal impairment, elderly patients’ dosages will need to be adjusted.

Are there prescription limits for Amoxicillin based on special cases?

In certain cases, the maximum prescription limits depend on the age of the patient.

For small children and infants aged 12 weeks or less, the oral maximum dosage is 30 mg per kilogram patient weight daily every 12 hours (divided doses)

For adults taking amoxicillin to prevent bacterial endocarditis, the dosage should not go over the normal adult dosage.

For patients with severe kidney impairments, adjust the dosage as ordered by your physician. The same special attention goes with patients undergoing dialysis. treatments.