Welcome to Clintwood Pharmacy

For 25 years, Clintwood Pharmacy has taken pride in being an “old-time” family pharmacy, with personalized one-on-one attention that can’t be found in the large chain drugstores. Our team of two pharmacists and four pharmacy technicians is committed to providing the highest level of service to you and your healthcare providers. We believe that a pharmacy should be an environment where all patients receive compassionate and reliable service throughout every stage of their lives. We will work together to find the medications and wellness regimens that fit your individual needs.

With our many services – prescriptions, wound care, ostomy supplies, custom-fit support hosiery, and more – we offer the benefits of consistent, high-quality service for our patients and their families. We also offer emergency service after hours, free local delivery, and pre-filling of insulin syringes – so that you can quickly and easily access your medications. Click here to learn more about our services.

Do you have a wound that won’t heal? Are you frustrated with trying to cope with a new ostomy site? Do you want to live a normal life despite a colostomy? We can help. We specialize in wound care and ostomy/colostomy management. We have the most knowledge and largest supply on wound care and ostomy among other area stores. Contact us today and let our pharmacist complete a comprehensive review to address your personal concerns. 

Click here to ask a question about wound care or ostomy..